Top 5 Good Baby Products

Top 5 Good Baby Products

What are some good baby products?

That’s an interesting question because it really depends what you mean by “good”.

Are you asking good quality? do you mean useful, essential? Do you mean safe for babies? a product can be good as an idea but have bad quality, so therefore the product isn’t good, but maybe I’m taking a turn on this.

So , typically, if you mean good quality, just look at the feedback, or read the description.

If you want a safe product to lick or ingest, make sure its food grade quality, typically related to silicone or artificial products but can be related to any type.

And finally, do you mean essential or useful? some products can save you time with your baby, and essential is usually when you really need it no matter the circumstances.

So, I am going to focus on the 3 type, because good quality/safety don’t really give you much information about how useful is the product.

  1. Showering Baby Cap.

    If your baby hates showering is probably because he/she gets water into his ears, eyes, nose and mouth and it makes him panic. Using a showering baby cap can make the process more enjoyable since babies love playing with water, even grown ups love playing in water.

  2. Baby toothbrush.

    Every person needs to brush their teeth, the bacteria that remains in your mouth can cause infections and teeth problems. Yes, they only have baby teeth which are going to fall out anyways but it’s not worth risking your baby’s health for saving a couple of dollars. Why not use a regular toothbrush? because your baby can’t use it, and it’s usually quite harsh and you might hurt his/her teeth gums. The model parents usually use is like a thimble toothbrush.

  3. Safety locks for cabinets.

    Your baby most likely likes to throw stuff around and open everything he sees. It’s a fun way of playing, learning and experimenting, however this can lead to a huge mess in your house when you look away for a second. You can avoid this by installing safety locks on your cabinets, fridge, closet or other furniture.

  4. Nose cleaner and ears cleaner.

    I decided to include these on the list because so many people can hurt their baby’s nose if they’re not careful. Your baby has very fragile skin and even the least hard tool can leave a scar and cause pain. If you use a special baby nose cleaner you can easily clear his/her nose or ears without worrying about causing injuries. They’re usually pretty cheap but none-the-less a worthy care product in my opinion.

  5. Baby Stroller Hook.

    This one is more of a Quality Of Life product, because you don’t need it but it certainly makes your life a lot easier. You might not even think about something like this, when you go out you start carrying your purse, a diaper bag, a coat, or then you go shopping and come back with plenty of grocery bags, and you have to carry them and also push the stroller. However if you attach the stroller hook, you relief all the pain from your back, because the stroller is carrying most of the weight. It could always come in handy.


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